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d.b.a Beer Facts, Figures & Notes

The following notes have been prepared to answer some of the questions many of out customers have asked.

All Draught Beer is served on rotation. Our list is chosen based upon personal preferences, seasonal availability, quality and constant customer badgering.

Belgian Draught beers are very rare and tend to be very expensive. It should be noted that many of these beers were never intended to be served on tap, they have been kegged due to demand from American Importers for marketing purposes. The kegged editions of these beverages do not always measure up to the quality of the more traditional, bottled conditioned version. However, they still make some interesting drinking.

Hand Drawn Ales are mostly, but not all Cask Conditioned. Two different brewing styles are served here at "cellar temperature" (55 degrees f.) We do not want to mislead you. The brewing style of each ale served will be indicated on the Hand Drawn Ale blackboard. They are all explained below:

1. "Keg Conditioned" Ale: Some American breweries prepare this unfiltered, unpasteurized, cloudy ale specifically to be hand drawn. It tends to be very good. The beer is drawn from standard kegs, under about 7 p.s.i. of pure nitrogen to replace the dispensed ale. This beer, like cask ale, is alive and yeast culturesare active. Please note that CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, a powerful British Beer Consumers Organization does not appove.
2. Traditional Cask Conditioned "Real Ale": This is the real thing. Drawn from the firkin with pure elbow grease and no artificial gas pressure. A firkin is an English beer barrel that holds about 10 1/2 US gallons. Conditioning is the brewer's term for the process that makes the beer fizzy. This process occurs in the cask (or firkin), thus the beer is cask conditioned. Yeast is alive and active, the beer is unpasteurized and sublime.

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